Flash back Trump Endorses Romney 2012


Mitt Romney trashes Trump after he accepted endorsement from Trump that he mentioned was a delight!  Mitt Romney liked Trump when Trump was supporting him for president.  But now that Trump looks for the same Romney turns on him like a angry hungry dog fighting for a steak bone.   Romney, I have to say when America waited for you to express yourself with Obama, you went silent!  You ran! Noone even knew where you went, you hid in shame.  Now, of all times you find a voice that’s as stale as an old cigar that was lit and left to go stale in an old cigar box.  Very disappointed that people that Trump supported aren’t there for him!  Can you say, user?  Romney, are you saying in 2012 that you lied about Trump? If so, who can’t trust anything that you say, you’re a lying politician, that’s trying to act like a magical magician trying to stump Trump. and the track is unbroken.  Go, Trump, Go!


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