Super Saturday, Turns into a Showdown

make america great


It’s a showdown between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on Super Saturday.  Trump wins Louisiana. Ted Cruz wins Kansas. Trump’s ahead in Kentucky, but it’s close. Trump took a hard hit this week because of Mitt Romney.  Some are saying Romney is trying to steal the election from Trump.  The establishment doesn’t seem to understand, if they come against Trump, they also come against Trump followers.  Trump followers realize this is the most important presidential election in history. It could possibly mean death to America if the liberals win!  Trump must win to keep America safe! If some would drop out of the race  Trump could win.Right now, we need to pray that the Trump Train keeps rolling straight to the White House with all obstacles moved out of the way!  After the Romney fast punch to the jaw this week, Senator Herman Cain endorsed Trump.  If only Carson would do the same!  Come on Carson, prove you’re worthy of being Trump’s V.P. or in his administration.


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