Little Tuesday, Turns Into Big Tuesday for Trump




Donald Trump wins Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii.  Presidential Candidate Donald Trump gives a press conference that will go down in history showcasing all of his Trump Products.  You can’t help but wonder if Mitt Romney felt a slap in the face.  He’s probably wishing by now that he hadn’t opened his big mouth about Donald Trump’s misadventures.  We all know that Romney made some bad business adventures. Trump proudly showcases it all. By the time the press conference is over people are smacking their lips tasting the Trump Wine, and steaks on their lips.  I wonder if they make a chocolate wine? It would be nice to celebrate his victory in November with a bottle of Trump Wine.  I can see sales going up for Trump again!  This guy’s a genius. He even has his own wine for us to drink to celebrate his victory.  How can you not love Donald Trump?

Really, you want to challenge Donald Trump’s success?

Donald, we want you to lead us into victory!  We want our country back!  I sure could use a massage by the time this election is over!



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