America Saw the Art of the Deal in Tonight’s Presidential Debate



donald trump.jepg

America saw the very professional presidential side of Donald J. Trump tonight.  We saw him as the true Art of the Deal.  He magnified and personified everything that a true presidential candidate should be.  We saw firsthand how people become instantly awed with Trump.  He handled himself very professionally never losing his cool or control. He showed no direct personal attacks, and he wasn’t baited by the CNN commentators. They handled the debate very professionally.  Donald J. Trump wasn’t thrown into a shark tank. I can say, I really enjoyed listening and watching the debate tonight.  Thank you CNN for doing a professional job. America saw tonight what Trump followers have seen all along. An American man that will defend his country with all of his heart and soul. We saw tonight the businessman, the negotiator, the dad, the granddad. We saw the next Father of our Country. Tonight America can say they saw the next President of the United States. It was a Lincoln moment that will go down in history when Trump turned the pages to the ending chapter. We can all read the ending line, it’s all in black and white.  Donald J. Trump elected 45th President of the United States of America.


Debate Highlights:

Donald doesn’t back down about saying Putin is a strong leader, it doesn’t mean that he endorses Putin or agrees with him. He’s a stronger leader than Obama.

China does have a strong government but it doesn’t mean that he agrees with how they treat their people.China can be brutal.We saw that with China Tenement Square.

Donald comes back at Ted Cruz that he’s actually won more.

Cuba was mentioned, Donald said after 50 years we should offer them something. We need to make good deals with them but not everything in Cuba’s favor. We shouldn’t have to pay Cuba for retribution on what happened 50 years ago.

Iran was the worst deal made and that deal will end when he becomes president.










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