Trump Forced to Cancel Chicago Rally

trump 1

Trump forced to cancel his Chicago Rally because of unexpected protesters. Chicago is known for its riots and violence. Mr. Trump said, he likes Chicago and believes it is underrated.  Trump said, he believed that they made the right decision in canceling his Chicago Rally where 25,000 were expected to attend.  The sad thing he said, some of these people waited for hours to see him. They have the right of freedom of speech too! The choice was made by him and the local police.  Donald Trump said, he’s going to bring back jobs for Chicago.  The African American will see more job opportunities once he’s elected. But the country is being ripped apart right now.  These protesters need to realize Trump isn’t the problem, he wasn’t the one that stopped the job market. He didn’t send all the jobs to China and Mexico. He wants to Make America Great Again! How is America going to be a great country under socialism with Bernie Sanders? Trump is a very nice man that wants to protect Americans and bring back the American Dream!  Many Americans wonder now if that dream has been shattered by fueled racism that’s trying to quench patriotism.

It is sad to say that America has become unpredictable.  We are no longer the country of sweet tea and evening matinees. We’re all glued to our news trying to see where the next outburst of violence is going to occur, and is there really a safe detour?


sander protesters

cop bloodied


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