Trump Rally Boca Raton, Fl. Opened with a Tribute


trump make america great again

Trump Rally in Boca Raton, Fl. appeared to be very civilized, it opened with prayer and a tribute to those that have been killed by illegal immigrants.  Laura Wilkerson spoke how her son was tortured and murdered by an illegal immigrant for his stolen vehicle.  It had the crowd in tears. Trump’s promises are cemented into Trump followers. Trump’s tone and demeanor are very professional.  He’s concerned about the current affairs of our country, but who isn’t?  The citizens of Florida are very disappointed in Marco Rubio. They feel like he pretty much abandoned his post to run for president.  He was in favor of illegal immigration and pushed for amnesty.  There’s a lot of people in Florida that feel that Senator Marco Rubio cannot be trusted.  I would be very surprised if he wins Florida. But does a dog return back to its own vomit?

What I see, is the news media portraying and trying to discourage people from attending these rallies, when the truth is these rallies are about the core and truth of the American way.  There is nothing distasteful.  if you think opening with prayer and a tribute is distasteful, than God help us all! The only time Trump is outspoken is when he defends himself from personal attacks, and we’ve seen in the past that the candidates feel if they can dethrone him, they’re pushed up the ladder.  But people that are watchful see the truth and know what’s going on. We all saw the debate how Marco Rubio brought it up about Trump having small hands, and if his hands are small, you know something else has to be small.  Rubio started it all. But the news media is trying to make Trump take the fall! Americans will not sit back and watch this ball fall, we have too much at risk.  Trump has proven to be the Alpha Male and you can see it in the attendance at his rallies.



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