Woo-Hoo-Trump Wins Super Tuesday, Y’ALL



trump trainThat’s right, Trump wins Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri.  You can’t stump him, you can’t stop him!  Trump Train has a clear view to the White House!  Are you feeling excited yet?  Our country’s getting ready to move forward, don’t look back now, or you could turn into a pillar of salt and it would be Obama’s fault.  Now, if only the establishment would loosen those tight choking high dollar black ties, and admit America still has some beautiful sunrises to come, this is just the beginning of the Trump surprise! America can no longer be terrorized.  America will rise!

Get excited, Y’ALL!

This is no time to worry about America taking a heaping fall!

We made it Y’ALL!

Keep that Trump Train going!

It’s not too late to get onboard the Trump Train.


Rubio suspends his campaign ties.


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