When Trump Speaks: We all Listen: Boycott Kelly File


kelly file1

The feud is back on with Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, even though I’m not sure that it ever ended.  It appears Megyn Kelly is for the establishment in bringing Trump down and she’s using every punchline that she can find.  I’m not sure how that’s going to help her ratings? After all, it seems like she rose to her glamour with the help of Donald Trump’s viewers.  Now Trump is calling for all of his loyal followers to boycott the Kelly File.  He didn’t have to ask too hard, we were all ready to do so, after hearing her. She’s a throne slayer, and quite the player.



One thought on “When Trump Speaks: We all Listen: Boycott Kelly File

  1. What do you expect They are what they are ? You cut them and you expect a heart that blood flows and you. Get a reporter of news which they manipulate for ratings . Instead to help they react like movie stars playing a part to win an award . So let it be what it be . The world is made up like a chess game you have a King and a Queen . There always going to. Be a war . The mouth can never tell the toung to stay closed . What the stomach has stored up it comets out .


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