All you care about is being a Headliner




You say America isn’t ready for Donald Trump.

You lie telling agitators that Trump’s a prejudice chump.

Well I’m telling you right now, Trump brings hope to the jobless.

America’s too broke to become a vacuum pump.

America has seen better days before Obama put us through a high speed jump.

He didn’t care about the job loss.

The liberals lied and said Obama was flawless.

He was thoughtless.

He filled America with broken promises.

He raised the national debt for Americans to face more problems.

He put our military in harm’s way.

Knowing full well, that they wouldn’t live to see another day.

He announced on several occasions how many troops we were sending.

There was no longer any pretending.

America’s Mothers and fathers were forced to bury their dead in an unknown foreign land, the orders coming from the cold Oval Office.

Many died in battle regardless of color.

It was all for the wealth of the federal dollar.

And now you want to say, don’t vote for Trump.

When Trump saw right through the truth.

He stepped in before America was ransomed off to China.

Before we were all forced to kneel to a foreign royal highness.

But you are too ignorant to see that America’s falling is the will of the established designer.

That’s ready to usher in a new world order where citizens are no longer capable of thinking for themselves.  This is just a reminder.

All you care about is being a headliner.

Trump is not a neo nazi.

You’re just headlines for the paparazzi.

Go, Trump, Go!



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