Pastors in Africa Praying for Trump to Win

pastors africa


They understand in Africa how important it is to have an  American relationship.  Pastors in Africa realize that if America falls, we all fall!  America was always known for its Judeo Christianity and now that’s even at stake.  America has sent missionaries to Africa for hundreds of years reaching the villagers preaching the Gospels “good news” of  Jesus Christ.  There are many Christians in Africa now because of those missionaries that risked their lives to change a life.  Now that the wave has turned, Africa’s now praying for Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States.  That’s right, they’re praying for Trump to win! Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham, Assemblies of God Preacher for the Potter’s House in Ghana knows just how important this election is in America to the well being of Africa!  He understands that Donald J. Trump will keep the missionaries coming that bring hope and promises to their desolate grounds.  Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham was called into the ministry at the age of seventeen.  He has never turned his heart from God.  He shows a great responsibility of sharing the gospels and trying to build a church with walls in Ghana.  He recently received a donation and used the money for a generator so he can preach at night.  Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham is ready to fight the good fight!  And he has his hands in prayer with other congregational leaders, praying for Trump to win!


Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham’s praying for Trump to win!  I’ve heard him pray and his prayers are powerful!


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