Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham, In Ghana Praying for Trump to Win




Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham stays connected closely with his friends and family in America.  He understands what Americans are facing, and he spends hours in prayer praying for the wellbeing of America and the next presidential election.  He understands the seriousness of what can happen when the wrong person is elected. He saw that with Obama.  Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham with the Potter’s House in Ghana is encouraging all of his fellow pastors to pray that Donald Trump wins President of the United States. He proudly states he has pastors praying and fasting for Trump to win.  Pastor Samuel Asante is on fire for the Lord.  And he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  He plans on building a new church in Ghana with walls that he can call his church.  Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham is currently preaching at a school in Accra, Ghana.  He preaches at night using the newly purchased generator that he just purchased.  He was so excited.  He says, now we can have a revival!  We’re praying for America, and for Trump to win!  This is a very serious time in the world.  We understand if America falls, we’ll all fall!  “I trust that Trump will be a good president and he will keep the faith in America growing!”


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