Super Tuesday, Trump Sweeps Five States Clean


Trump wins all five states, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania. He sweeps them all clean.  So far Trump has won 27 elections.  He wins all the delegates tonight possibly up to a 110. Tuesday, just might be Trump’s favorite day of the week! Look at that face!  It’s the face of a winner and our next republican nominee for president. I believe he can beat run away Hillary!

TRUMP 953 delegates Fox News Reports 954

Donald Trump is well on his way to 1237 delegates needed to run as presidential nominee.

Trump Sweeps All 5 States Clean:

Rhode Island – Trump’s

Delaware – Trump’s

Connecticut – Trump’s

Maryland – Trump’s

Pennsylvania – Trump’s

Congratulation’s Donald J. Trump America has spoken! We heard you, and we agree! We need President Donald J. Trump to Make America Great Again!

Make our military stronger!

Build a wall!

Secure our Country!

America needs Donald J. Trump!


Next Tuesday is Indiana’s Primary.

Delegates Running Total




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