Trump Delivers Foreign Policy After His Big Five State Victory

make america great

Donald Trump boldly and dramatically turns the pages of American history with his foreign policy speech in Washington D.C.. Donald Trump is the frontrunner republican nominee.

Trump brings his foreign policy speech to the heart of the establishment. Some are saying they wish he would have come out with this eight months ago, it would have made his campaign stronger.  Trump mocked Obama’s foreign policy as chaos and not peace and Hillary as sleeping while on duty. Trump brought up America’s military triumphs of World War 11 and the Cold War.  But then,  we lost our focus. Some of the ideas aren’t working! We have to get tougher! NATO needs to start paying for their protection. We are protecting all of these countries out of the kindness of our hearts, America can no longer afford it. They need to pay for their own protection.  We will protect those who are nice to us who don’t take advantage of us. America’s getting nothing but going further indebt. Our weaponry is outdated while NATO can afford to increase their weaponry, but we’re too broke to keep our own military updated. We will take care of our veterans.  I will not send our warriors to war unless we can see “Victory.” We’re even cutting flight hours. Where military aircrafts are crashing. We have to change! I’m going to Make America Great Again! And we’re going to be a strong country again! I am going to work with allies that want to make America secure again! I want to meet with our adversaries Russia and talk to them about our common interest Islamic terrorism and see if we can work together globally. We need to change the way that we look at other countries when we are all facing the same enemy. We need to work together.We are going to bring back jobs in America and penalize those companies that move out of the country. We are going to hit radical Islamic terrorism. But we are not going to tell them where and when, all I can say, ISIS, your days are numbered if I am elected president!


Delegates 10 States to go:

IN 57

NE 36

NJ  51

WV 34

OR 28

WA 44

MT 27

SD  29

NM  24

PA 54 unbound

TRump to receive 33 of the 54 ubound

CA 172

That will bring Trump up to 987 delegates

He still needs 250 delegates to be the republican nominee






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