NRA Makes Early Endorsement for Trump

The NRA was quick to jump on the Trump Train. Wayne Robert LaPierre announced today from Louisville Kentucky that the NRA fully supports Donald Trump as president of the United States. The NRA sees an excitement for Trump that they have never witnessed before in history. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election our second amendment rights could vanish. Trump promises the NRA that he will not let them down!  Trump goes on to say that Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the second amendment rights. Trump says he’s leading Hillary Clinton, but he still has a long way to go!

*Trump: NRA’S Endorsement Is A Fantastic Honor

*Trump: We’re Going To Put The Miners Back To Work

*Trump: Guns Could Have Stopped The Paris Attack

*Trump: Guns could Have Stopped the San Bernardino Attack. They killed 14 people that they thought they were friends. The people had just given them a baby shower and they killed them.

*Trump: The Second Amendment Is Under Threat with Hillary Clinton


nra trump


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