Trump Gets Enough Delegates To Be The Official Nominee

Okay, we’ve been waiting since Trump announced that he was running for president to hear this good news.  We Trumpsters have rode along and hit the bumps with Trump not knowing where this would all lead.  We just knew through Trump we could once again see that light on a shining hill. We knew, call it our gut instincts. But, we knew, when he spoke it sparked hope into the core of our beings like finding and old antique car and filling it up with fuel. We were ready for the joy ride, and what a ride it has been.  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling more at peace, and this is no practice scene. The next lights we see come on will be in the White House when Trump flips the switch and turns the lights back on taking us back to a refreshing time, when grace and humility filled the White House.  All aboard, the next stop, the White House.

make america great

We all know that crooked, shady, sleazy and cold hearted Hillary is starting to feel the Trump heat!



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