Shared Restrooms Revictimizes Victims of Sexual Abuse

coed restroom


Mr. Obama, as a victim of sexual abuse I am appalled at your rules for toilet rules.  I don’t understand.  I was sexually abused at the young age of seven and to think that I may have to go through that same trauma as an adult terrorizes me.  I don’t understand why women are subjected to such rules, are you going to put us on strong antidepressants too, so we can deal with all the insanity? I don’t believe that every guy that walks into a girls restroom has good intentions. There are too many times when a girl enters a restroom she’s alone and could possible be victimized or her privacy be invaded by a peeping Toms. I remember as a young girl taking a bath and boys standing outside my bathroom window with a view. I was humiliated. I don’t understand why you want to humiliate American women, what have we done to you?  You are supposed to be the man that makes us feel safe at night knowing that you have our backs, but I have to say, your office demeanor lacks.  You display the rules of a quack..  Do you really think coed showers are the right thing to do when guys are going to be judging girls by size and perfection. This again sets girls up to be mentally abused feeling as if they don’t measure up!  This is a bad idea all the way around, it makes my head pound.  I can already hear the loud shower sounds of laughing and teasing, with sounds of those seeking pleasure.  This doesn’t even cover the diseases that the opposite sex carries by living a promiscuous life style, crabs jumping off of toilet seats, urine on the floor from missed shots needless to say, do I need to say more?

*Coed Restrooms are going to be the pedophile’s new candy store.

*Coed Restrooms are going to be the new search for the  perfect centerfold

*Transgenders need their own restrooms

*Men need their own restrooms

*Women need their own restrooms.

This way you are showing respect for all, and not targeting America women with high moral values.


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