Trump and Megyn Kelly Make Peace

trump and kelly

One of the most interesting on and off relationships this campaign season has been watching Donald Trump: and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly from the Kelly Files.  I have to admit I was always a fan of Megyn Kelly’s show and her rise to stardom.  But when Trump came out and announced that he was going to build a wall and protect America.  Megyn Kelly took the backseat. I was now riding with the Trump. I became his number one fan as many others would say, we were loyal to the one that we could see and believe.  His words  “Make America Great Again!” struck a cord. His words were calming waters to rushing waves to a drowning America that was sinking in debt.  His words resonated faith and hope. We now had America’s  homegrown CEO that we had watch grow from a boy to a man.  We saw that Trump is human like many of us.  His heart is loyal to his country.  We saw the unveiling of a real man that would do anything that he has to do for the good of his country.  My soul felt at peace. I knew now that we had someone to watch our backs. I knew that he wasn’t going to sit back and watch our country be pillaged as Syria. We were on a fresh new course of patriotic pilgrimage and Trump was leading the way.


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