Rolling Thunder Welcomes Trump Into Washington D.C.

rolling thunder

Rolling Thunder rolls into Washington D.C.  welcoming  Donald Trump.  Trump says, “some of these guys are here to protect me.”  “Have you seen these guys, they are tough, real tough!”  “These aren’t guys that you want to mess with!” “But when I go up to shake their hands, I see their hearts, these guys have very big hearts!”  “These guys are here to honor veterans this Memorial Day Weekend.” I feel honored to know they’re all here.”   “And they have beautiful bikes, The most beautiful bikes I have ever seen.”   “There won’t be any paid agitators here this weekend trying to mess up this weekend.”

Could we possibly see Donald on his own custom made bike?

Or will we see Rolling Thunder escort the Donald into his remaining rallies?

I can already hear a theme, We aren’t going to take it anymore!






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