Veterans of World War 11 Fading Along With Their Memory


kid at grave


The memory and the men are fading suddenly that sacrificed it all for our country.  With a lost generation moving forward with some not even realizing the true meaning of Memorial Day!  It is a sad day when our youth don’t even know the meaning and purpose of Memorial Day!  Some kids actually think this is the official lake day of the year.  While some think, it’s the first BBQ Day of the year.  It’s up to us to tell them the truth about the men  that died at Normandy and never made it home.  It’s up to us to tell them about Pearl Harbor. It’s up to us that lived to hear the truth from our father’s mouths to spread the truth.  Let them know, that some never made it home, they paid the ultimate cost of freedom!  Tell them now, tell them all! Freedom isn’t free!

My dad always told me, the true heroes are those that never made it home!




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