The Never Trump Movement Could Be What Shuts Down America


We’ve heard the saying over and over, don’t cut off  your nose to spite your face.  But we see, over and over, the Republican Party doing it. What’s wrong with you guys?  You have to accept the fact that Donald Trump fairly beat out your guy!  If it was a boxing match, he won fair and square! Get over it! Get a life! Romney had his chance and he blew it! He couldn’t stand up to Obama. He chose to stand down! We don’t need a stand down president! We need a president that’s going to speak the truth what is aching the American hearts.  We chose Donald Trump! We aren’t looking for America’s nice guy! We’re looking for a strong man that’s not going to take any crap, and not be a fall guy!  You guys with never Trump are going to hand over the election to Hillary Clinton, and because of you we won’t have a country. Get your head out of your asses and stand behind the wining man!  Trump could be our very last chance! Don’t let Hillary steal this dance!









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