Clueless, Ruthless Hillary


Hillary is a danger to our country!  She couldn’t even handle the job as Secretary of State.  How on earth is she going to handle the job of president of the United States?  She has no clue when she puts others in danger. She skips through life like a liberal quack. She’s a walking wreck. Take a good look at her, she doesn’t know the difference between private email or private messaging. She doesn’t even know how to use a delete button. She’s the most incompetent person running as president.  If you think you were tired of the last resident. You forgot how she walked off with the presidential china when her husband was president.  Do you really believe she didn’t know what happened behind White House Doors? Remember she said Benghazi happened because of a radical video. She watched it all on big screen. And then she tried to wipe the evidence clean. It was a crime scene against our military, and those that we promised that we would never leave behind.



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