Trump Exceeds Needed Delegates



Donald Trump exceeded every expectation of the number of delegates that he would end with before the Republican National Convention 2016.  He now has a whopping 1542 as of June 8, 2016.  Trump is beating the odds.  And his numbers are higher than any men that has ever ran for president of the United States.  While some try to insinuate that he’s prejudice or racist, he has every nationality following him, including Hispanics. Trump could very well be the one president that sets the record straight. America is strong and becomes stronger when faced with adversities that threaten American principles and values.  I think this is one Fourth of July that we can celebrate knowing, if Trump wins America wins her independence back.  The countdown is is on until election day in November and Trump has every reason to be smiling. I think when he wins, we should have a happy face on the Empire State Building in red, white and blue.












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