U.S. Navy Discussing Microchipping Citizens

The U.S. Navy is for installing microchips into citizens to track everyone.  Is it me, or does this sound like matrix? The belief is that this will keep our children safer and help government control suspicious citizens.  It sounds creepy to me!  You can read all about it!

US Navy ‘discussed plans to fit humans with microchips and track their every move’




Death At Posh Disney World Resort Leaves Many Pondering

The death of young toddler Lane Graves leaves many to wonder and pondering, if Disney has been lying to them all along about how safe the posh resorts are?

I know when my family and I were there 2 years ago, I questioned how safe it was to one of the captains of a boat.  He reassured me that Disney had a way of tracking the alligators.  I thought at the time that they had some kind of sonar tracking technology.  Boy, was I wrong.   My family and I had stopped many times by the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa by boat, and I was wishing at the time that we could afford to stay at such a place.  But looks can be deceiving.  We stayed at the Disney Wilderness Resort which was very nice at the time and it fit more to our budget.  But even there, I told our daughter to be careful going out because alligators could be out there.  She laughed and thought, I was being an over protective mom. But, I know that alligators can travel on land or water.  We see them on golf courses in Florida and apartment buildings that are screened in to keep the predators out. You would think with all the technology available today that Disney could keep their patrons safe by installing electronic gates and sonar technology to see what’s lurking in those dark waters.

Personally, I would think for the prices that Disney World Resorts charge that they could reassure their patrons that their resorts are safe with state of the art technology.


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Oprah Endorse Clinton, But Why?

Oprah came out and said it’s about time, there is no ceiling!  But she didn’t say, why, she chose Clinton.  It leaves many wondering is it because she’s a woman, or does she really think that she can lead the country after Benghazi? She couldn’t take care of the men there, what makes anyone think that she’s changed? Remember, it all happened because of a radical video!

Yes, Oprah, there is no ceiling to Clinton’s miss leading deviousness! There’s no ceiling to the carnage left behind because of her.



Disney Admits They Knew There Were Alligators

Disney now admits that they knew that there were alligators in the lagoon.  Disney did not have signs up to warn their patrons of the potential dangers.   Disney is now reviewing what they can do to prevent it from happening again!

Disney should take a look at how they control the alligator situation in Australia where they have screens to prevent this from happening to keep their patrons safe.

Disney was negligent in protecting the Graves family that was spending their evening watching fireworks on the man made beach at the posh Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. What a sad upcoming Father’s Day for Matthew Graves who did everything he could to protect his son from the jaw’s of a lethal alligator.

*There are over 1 million alligators in Florida.

*Wild life specialist admitted yesterday on Fox News that he would not allow his children on Disney beaches.

*Orlando the Real Jurassic Park



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