Disney: The Dangerous Illusion That You’re Safe

Disney has been playing this game for years knowing they had dangerous alligators on their properties.  Some guest were even feeding the dangerous reptiles. Disney was even warned by staff that alligators were on the properties. They were warned by guest. They were told by staff that guest were in clear and present dangers.  Disney fell asleep at the wheel.  The only thing they could see was the bottom line, while putting their guest at risk.  The alligators should have been screened off. There shouldn’t be any dangerous reptiles on a property where I  or you spend lots of money to get away from the stresses of life, thinking I’m/we’re going to the Magic Kingdom,  where the world is full of fun and laughter and fantasy.  We got so caught up in the fantasy that we got lost in the dangerous illusion, that Disney was creating a Jurassic Park and the guest were on the food chain.  Disney needs to make sure that their guest are safe in and out of the waters.  If you put a beach up with lounge chairs, I am going to believe that my family and I are safe!  Disney is totally at fault for not securing their guest! I don’t care if it’s Florida.  Guest that pay hard earned wages to go there and getaway should never fear a reptilian invasion at their resort.

This really irritates me at the prices they charge to stay at their resorts for a week a family of 3 or 4 is easily going to spend 10,000 for what to be on a reptilian food chain, forget the food plan. I’ll be vacationing somewhere else until Disney starts taking it serious to protect their guest, and it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than putting up signs for my family and I to visit again!


*Disney where guest are on the reptilian food chain.

grand floridian resort



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