Brexit: We Aren’t Going To Take It Anymore!



Actress Elizabeth Hurley let her voice be heard: We aren’t going to take it anymore!  We don’t want unlimited immigration!  We want our strawberry fields forever!


If I grow it, I’m going to eat it! I’m not going to let immigrants take from what I grew! It’s mine!  It’s my country! And I’m feeling the sun all around me!  Good day, sunshine!

Good day, sunshine!

Britain is mine!

and I’m feeling fine!

I think, I’ll celebrate with some strawberry wine!

I’m feeling quite define!

Good day, sunshine!

Britain is mine!

I close my ears to the liberal socialism whine.

I’m drinking sweet wine from the independent vine.

Saying goodbye to immigrants standing in line.

This sweet country is mine!

Good day, sunshine!

It belongs to Great Britain’s bloodline!

I’ll have something to leave my kids standing in line.

Together, we can celebrate drinking from Great Britain’s independent vine!

Good day, sunshine!

Great Britain is mine!

We drew the parting line!

We said, goodbye to the liberal party line.

Good day, sunshine!


I can hear her singing!







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