Hillary Gives Bernie Sanders People a Name

Well we all know what Hillary thinks about Donald Trump’s people, she boldly called us deplorables. But did you know, she called Bernie Sanders’ people basement dwellers?  Is that like the walking dead people, zombie people?

Hillary, Hillary!  We have a name for you too!  Matter of fact, I can think of many adjectives to discribe you!

Let’s start with:

Enabler of Bill’s sexual misconduct:

Thief for all the money you stole saying you were raising money for Haiti to rebuild.

Bully for all the women you destroyed that had affairs wirh your husband.

Predator for watching and letting innocent people die in Benghazi.

Clueless for creating a vacuum in Iraq and Libya for terrorist to grow.

Murderer for the people that died because, they knew things about you. “Predator”

Shark for taking jobs from America.

Disgusting traitor for enabling Iran.

Dumb, because you actually thought you could wipe a server clean.

Destructive, because you thought you could destroy a cell phone with a hammer to get rid of the evidence.

So when Donald Trump calls you Crooked, he doesn’t even cover it all!

I call you evil. I call you the spirit of Jezebel that would destroy anybody or anything to get her way!

So with all of this said, I think anybody that votes for you, is plain stupid to believe in you!


But, again, what matter does it make, if we sit back with all this knowledge and let you destroy America?

It makes us all stupid!


I support Donald Trump for president of the United States of America!

So call me deplorable!

I think Trump will make America memorable!

And I think Hillary will make America a urinal.















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