Pence Takes Kaine Down with Dignity


Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Governor Mike Pence did a great job taking Kaine down with dignity.  Pence stepped up and stayed calm the whole time. He let Kaine sink himslef.  Kaine proved to be a mad dog chasing a bone.  If you’re wondering where Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails are, Kaine’s holding them with his locked jaw.  If you’re wondering what happened to the failed Obamacare, Pence said former President Bill Clinton declared, “it was the worst thing ever.” It even left interrupting Kaine speechless at one point.When Kaine said, Hillary stopped Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Pence hit again with, how can you say that, when she and Obama gave Iran 1.7 billion dollars and created a vacuum in Libya in which ISIS was able to flourish. I think the best moment was when Pence said “History teaches us that weakness arouses evil,” He eloquently put down the current administration. Pence showed modesty and never took credit for winning the debate.  He gave the win to Trump!  “Make America Great!”  Trump has proven that he has the A-Team when it comes to running America with Strength and Dignity.  I think that makes a good match!

And with all that said, did we just see the next republican presidential candidate for 2020?


And I can’t help but wonder if mad dog Kaine’s out chasing cars today!

*Rude Kaine interrupted Pence 71 times.






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