Clinton Said, “What Difference Does It Make!”

Men died in Benghazi, Libya, after sending many emails that they needed assistance. Clinton ignored Ambassador Chris Steven’s plea for help, and then, when they died. She said, “What difference does it make?”  Those were the coldhearted words that parents heard after hearing their brave sons died. “What difference does it make?”  I can’t imagine the nerve of those words echoing through the veins of a shaky parent that just lost a child.  I can’t imagine those words to a child that just lost their father, their hero, or a wife that just lost her husband, the love of her life. “What difference does it make?”  Hillary, it makes a lot of difference, because of you, America is a less safer place to live.  Because of you, ISIS has grown because you neglected you’re call of duty! Because of you, ISIS continues to kill people today around the world!  Because of you, air travel isn’t safe! Because of you, America’s children aren’t safe!  Because of you, America lives under the constant threat of a terrorist attack on land! Can you really say, “What difference does it make?”  The nerve!

You are so coldhearted! Heartlesas Hillary!

Tell the Christians in the middle east, “What difference does it make” because of the lawless rebels you armed that are creating a genocide against Christians. Tell the children that are forced into sexual slavery because of the parents and homes they lost because of the firearms you furnished to ISIS.  And above all, tell God on Judgment Day, “what difference does it make?”

hillary after



Tell Tyrone Wood’s son that he doesn’t need a father!


Tell his wife, what difference does it make that she doesn’t have a husband!



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