This Election Isn’t About Two People, It’s About Two Different Futures

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for socialism and globalism, that will lead to a one world order, with gun confiscation.  If you vote for Donald Trump, you’re voting for freedom of speech, the right to bear arms.  You’re protecting the second amendment rights. You’re protecting the feedom of worship in America.  So why in the world, would you vote for Hillary?  Do you really want more government controlling your life, and your rights?  What’s wrong with you, do you not have eyes to see, and ears to hear, have you grown deaf and dumb?  Do you not see that if Hillary Clinton wins, Soros will control America?  America, wakeup!  This is serious, we could lose our country with open borders.  We could lose our sons, and daughter to ISIS.  America’s not going to be protected with Hillary Clinton, she had 30 years, did you see what happened to Benghazi, did she protect them? No!  How is she going to protect our children, and our freedom?  She destroyed the women that Bill Clinton raaped. Did she aplogize? No!

Yes, the democrats say they’re for abortion, the right to choose, for women to have control of their own bodies, but that’s just the foothold on you.  In other countries where there’s socialism there’s also sterilization for popualtion control, and that goes on in some places like Africa.  You have to be careful what you hope for, because sometimes there’s, more to read on the next page.  Don’t be deceived by the lies!  We all know that Hillary is the queen when it comes to lies.  She has zero accountability.  Don’t let Hillary’s dream become you’re biggest liability!

Sometimes we don’t understand the cost of freedom and the sacrifices that were made to keep it!  The question is can we keep our freedom?

We can’t take our freedom for granted.

John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.

Freedom comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We only keep our freedom if we agree to walk with God and his commandments.  If we surrender ourselves to him.

But when we don’t want a relationship with Jesus Christ, and we don’t want to live an obedient life, we jeopardize our freedom.  We become slaves to sin and those with worldly power!

Freedom requires you to remember where you came from, and where you’re going so you can pass it on to the next generation.  What have you done to secure you’re freedom?

Don’t let one man’s mistake that happened eleven years ago cost you you’re freedom. He repented and said he was sorry!  Let’s vote Trump, and “Make America Great Again!”

Don’t make your children slaves to Hillary!




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