WikiLeaks: Clintonworld known for Infighting and Backbiting 

Then, there’s the element of ease. It’s never been said that Hillary makes campaigning look easy. I don’t just mean her personal style, though the hard-to-watch book tour of last summer is a perfect example of her shortcomings there. Unlike “No Drama Obama,” Clintonworld has always been known for infighting, back-biting, and commotion. Of course, Hillary has been snapping up talented former Obama staff and consultants, and her camp has been telling reporters this time will be different. But has Old Clintonworld truly been quietly, peacefully sidelined? As Monday’s David Brock drama illustrated, every prominent Democratic consultant gets a plum seat at the table in a Hillary campaign, the odds that they will all agree (and play nice together) must be next to zero. A candidate never wants their campaign team to be the story, but too many cooks in the kitchen will likely whip up plenty of fodder for drama-hungry reporters. 


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