WikiLeaks: Twelve Ways Hillary Clinton Can Lose (3 of 12)

Non Inspiring

3. Not inspiring Clinton cannot just make this election a referendum on Trumpism. She must outline a compelling vision for where she wants to take the country to fully activate the coalition that powered Barack Obama. “I am not a natural politician, in case you haven’t noticed, like my husband or President Obama,” Clinton said at The Post’s debate in March. The presumptive Democratic nominee campaigns in prose, not poetry. And she does not always try to be uplifting in her speeches. It’s part of the explanation for why so many millenials, including young women, have spurned her for Bernie. While Sanders promises tuition-free college, she talks about extending an obscure tax credit. As my colleague David Fahrenthold explained in a story about Clinton’s wonkiness

<; last week, this credit can be worth up to $2,500: “But only if students find their Form 1098-T, then fill out the relevant portions of Form 8863, then enter the amount from lines 8 and 19 of Form 8863 in lines 68 and 50 of their Form 1040.” That is not going to send a thrill up Chris Matthews’s leg… <>&nbsp;


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