WikiLeaks: Twelve Ways Hillary Clinton Could Lose (5 of 12)

Moving too far to the right The Sanders campaign has circulated stories

<>about Clinton forces reaching out to top Jeb Bush donors to convince them that “that she represents their values better” than Trump. Clinton, who used to brag about being a Goldwater Girl in 1964

<;, will be very tempted to appeal aggressively to moderate Republicans who are turned off by Trump. On paper, the Democrat will actually be more of a hawk and more willing to use military force than the Republican. The Donald is all over the place on policy, but Clinton is presently to his right on trade

<; and campaign finance <;.

She needs Sanders supporters to unite behind her. If it looks like she’s shifting rightward to win votes, she will look inauthentic and many Bernie people will stay on the sidelines. Sanders supporters dance for him at a rally in Salem, Oregon. (Rob Kerr/AFP/Getty Images) 


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