WikiLeaks: Twelve Ways Hillary Clinton Could Lose (6 of 12)

 Moving too far to the left Clinton has treated Sanders with kid gloves recently. She wants him and his people to fall in line after the July convention in Philadelphia, and she calculates that antagonizing him is not worth sewing up the nomination earlier. The Vermont senator has made clear he wants significant concessions, including very liberal policy planks in the party platform. The Clinton people will be inclined to give on a lot because the platform is not binding. Just last week, for instance, she embraced several reforms


to the Federal Reserve that are sought by the progressive wing of the party. But, if Hillary continues to lurch leftward to satisfy the Bernie people, it will be harder to win those in the middle and woo disaffected Republicans. You might think it’s unfair to say Clinton cannot go too far left or too far right. But everyone running for president has this problem. It is a difficult needle to thread, yet the Clintons have proven deft at triangulation. Now, Hillary needs to be Goldilocks. Bernie speaks at the L&N Train Depot in Bowling Green, Ky., on Saturday. (Austin Anthony/Daily News via AP)


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