WikiLeaks: Twelve Ways Hillary Clinton Could Lose (7 of 12)

 Bungling her VP selection There’s no perfect pick, and candidates who look great on paper might turn out to fall flat – or have skeletons in their closet. Citing four people close to the campaign, USA Today reports this morning


that “Clinton is considering a running mate who could make a direct appeal to supporters of Sanders, bridging a generational and political divide” and that “Clinton’s chief requirements include a candidate’s resume and a fighter capable of hand-to-hand combat with Trump. The campaign’s vetting also prioritizes demographics over someone from a key swing state as she seeks to unify the Democratic voting base.” There are parts of every would-be number two’s record that will upset at least some portion of the Democratic Party. Take this story that just posted on Politico

<;: “Targeted by progressive activists hoping to kill his chances of being picked as Clinton’s running mate, Julián Castro is set this week to announce changes to what’s become a hot-button Housing and Urban Development program for selling bad mortgages on its books.”


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