WikiLeaks: Clinton’s Fall Caused a Bloodclot Lodged Between Skull and Brain

She returned to work on Jan. 7, after being out for a month because of the flu and a bad fall, which caused a concussion and a blood clot lodged between her skull and her brain. She has appeared exhausted, and as the nation’s chief diplomat, traveling one million miles since her appointment. There is little question the 2016 Democratic race is at standstill until she makes a decision. Any number of Democrats would opt out if she chose to run because of her celebrity, her popularity, her ability to raise money and the global appeal of Bill Clinton. The Clinton network is alive and well. But it’s far from certain she will run, despite pleas from her party. Her friends want her to essentially go to the spa for six months before she decides anything. And her allies suspect she may be looking for another, less political, chapter in her life, which is what she has indicated. “Right now, I have no intention of running,” Hillary has said.


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