WikiLeaks: Clinton’s Health and Bloodthinners 


Coming home after long days grappling with apocalyptic global mayhem, Clinton relied not on her husband but on her aged mother to help her unwind. Dorothy Rodham’s death in November 2011 left Clinton alone, and the pace eventually took a physical toll. “The exhaustion is always there,” says Verveer. “These are killer jobs, very hard jobs, especially if you do them in intensive ways.” Clinton had walked into State exuding energy, and crawled out four years later, straight into a hospital. She fell and smacked her head during a woozy episode in what was reportedly a bout with a stomach virus in late 2012. The accident left her with a dangerous blood clot behind the right ear, requiring hospital observation and a regimen of blood thinners. She no longer has to tangle with Putin or Karzai. Now she faces angry investigative committees. But she’s been here before. Committees have come and gone, from Whitewater to impeachment, and she’s still around. 


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