WTF: What’s the Future With a Hillary Clinton Presidency?

It looks like we will have our military gutted more, and there will be less jobs.  There for sure will be more people on food stamps or welfare, because they won’t have jobs to feed their families. And if they don’t have jobs, the economy will go bust. People will not be able to afford food much less computers or any kind of electronics unless it’s given to them by the governement to track them and report into them. I don’t really see a good future with Hillary Clinton, you can call me pessimistic, but I see a darker and gloomier America. I see lights out, and feel lots of ice cold showers on the horizon. Because we won’t have a power grid to keep us warm or to cook our meals. If you’re lucky, you’ll have some extra can foods stored up for emergencies. Because frankly, I see one emergency after the other. The first time, I saw Hunger Games, I said this is what America will look like when put in the wrong hands. We already have every country mad at us because of our involvement in the Middle East. And frankly, she failed there too, with Libya. I can’t see putting someone in charge when they have constant records of failure. If she wins, it’s going to be one big failure after another. All hell will break lose with our former allies. She’s already pissed a lot of them off!


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