WikiLeaks: Algeria Donated to Clinton Foundation to be Taken Off Terror list: Quid-Pro-Quo

Scarborough says Algeria donated to Clinton Foundation when it wanted off ‘terror list’ 
Scarborough said the situation will “stink to high heaven” even if it’s a legal gray area. “I think it was Algeria, maybe, that had given a donation that went unreported at a time when they wanted to be taken off of the terror list in the State Department,” Scarborough said. “They write the check, they get taken off the terror list. … At the same time, and then it goes unreported by the Clinton Foundation.” “Is there a quid pro quo there? I don’t know, that’s really hard to tell,” he said.
Scarborough went on to break down to his panelists how easy it would be to explain to voters what might have occurred. “This is pretty simple stuff. So Algeria is on the terror list, they want off the terror list, the State Department’s making a decision to do it, they write a check for what? How much? How many million dollars do they write a check for? I don’t know, but Algeria writes a check. You’re from Boston, you know how politics works. They write a really big check to the Clinton Foundation,” Scarborough said. “The Clinton Foundation takes the check, and then just, out of nowhere the State Department then decides, well, they are going to take Algeria off the list. Now why did Algeria write a big check to the Clinton Foundation at the time they want something from the State Department? That’s pretty simple for most voters.”


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