WikiLeaks: Trumps Numbers Go Up When He Speaks Up for America

Trump is the voice America has been long waiting to hear. We all want to feel that there’s someone out there that has our back! We want to know when we’re asleep at 3:00am that we can depend on someone to take that call. Trump’s numbers go up when he speaks about protecting everyone’s kids regardless of race. His numbers go up when he says he ‘s going to build walls to protect our borders. Americans have never felt such insecurity, and Trump is that voice of our absent or deceased father , that says, don’t worry, I’ve got this!  The more the democrats can knock him off his pedestal the more they win! But Trump is tough, he doesn’t back down. He just maybe the man that doesn’t coward down!  I know many have put him on a pedestal, and when you knock a man down, you see how vulnerable he becomes. You see what he’s made of. Trump has passed the test of time. He took the beating for every whining America, and now it’s time to have his back or we could lose the America we know and love!  #TrumpI’vegotyourback

He needs to hit with WikiLeaks

He needs not to be on the offensive.

He needs to talk about the economy the infrastructure of America, and how he’s going to make things great.

Trump’s numbers go up when people feel safe and secure, knowing someone has their back!

Trump needs to ask about “Who are the Clinton Foundation Donors?”

Who were the Uranium One, Donors?

Bolling defended Trump, arguing that he’s bringing “fresh new ideas” and is someone willing to stand up for America.

Still, Trump’s recent surge in the polls has suggested the some voters don’t mind the rhetoric. Some may even warm to it.


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