The Liberal Media War Is On Against Trump, But for Hillary, It’s Shock and Block

We shouldn’t be surprised that the liberal media has taken sides, we’ve seen that for awhile now, we saw it with Obama.  The media wouldn’t report the truth on him back then and why should we expect to hear the truth now!  America’s under siege  when it comes to hearing the truth.  We hear only what they want us to hear.  Clinton could commit mass murders and we wouldn’t hear it.  The media would instantly be shocked and then the order would come to block.  That’s how it works folks!  They don’t care that the Clinton Foundation accepted blood money from the Middle East.  They don’t care what she’s done. They follow her around like a stray puppy dog looking for a place to live.  The media knows if Trump wins, they aren’t going to be invited into the White House as if they would be with her.  Who knows, they may wash her dirty laundry.  But it will be interesting to see what happens when she loses.


Hillary, Hillary, she fooled the media.

They followed her around with loose newspapers blocking what could be news for a future encyclopedia.

She brought new meaning to news bed wetting.

She jetted high and low, with a liquid flow.

Pissing on the true media.

So the next time, you pick up an encyclopedia, remember the truth was blocked from the media.

In a safe airtight vault, by the media’s fault, where real truth can’t hit like a hard assault.

Instead it’s blocked to lay low and become tasteless salt.

Wikileaks tried by default.

But blocked by the hard liberals’ media’s cold dusty vault.

So fifty years from now when history looks back, remember it was the lying media’s fault.








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