WikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation Involved In Clean Energy: CHAI, CCI, CGI

According to WikiLeaks the Clinton Foundation is also involved in clean energy.

Clinton Foundation

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

Clinton Climate Initiative

Clinton Global Initiative

April 15, 2015

As a direct result of the restrictions, officials will stop holding events around the world, beyond an event planned for Morocco in early May, which was considered too close to cancel. That event, the Clinton Global Initiative Middle East & Africa conference in Marrakesh, has been funded in part by a $1 million gift from a Moroccan-government owned phosphate-export company, OCP. A Clinton Global Initiative-Mediterranean meeting focused on the economy and scheduled for June in Athens is being canceled.

April 15, 2015

One example is a $12 million, three-year contract the Australian Department of Environment has with the Clinton Climate Initiative to create a system to monitor emissions in Kenya. The Australian pledge began in 2013 and continues until next year.


Clinton Climate Initiative In February, CCI participated in a ground-breaking for a wind power project in Jamaica which they worked to facilitate. Wigton Windfarm Ltd is Phase III of one of the largest wind projects in the Caribbean and, when completed, will reduce Jamaica’s oil consumption by an estimated 37,000 barrels, and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 48,000 tons annually.


You probably already are aware but just to be sure: yesterday in the CHAI board meeting, Ira discussed the formation of an advisory board for CHAI – he said he is targeting 10 people to each give $500k per year for 3 years. He mentioned the names below. He also said he is looking to do a series of dinners on the west coast, east coast, and overseas to raise money for a CHAI Innovation Fund that would “invest” in projects / businesses that CHAI deems worthy. He said the first dinner is on west coast with 30 people and hosted by _________ who he said he found via the Brown University alumni network. Given the enormous range of things that Ira is proposing the Fund be empowered to invest in, it occurred to me that IF the organization is comfortable with the creation of such a Fund bearing WJC’s name (via CHAI), then why not have CF do it, so that CF can decide whether to invest in CHAI projects or also in other things like a farm in Africa, etc – and also to give WJC better control of it? The proposed CHAI Innovation Fund seems poised to go well beyond what we would consider to be the core traditional work of CHAI on HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc (at least based on the investment examples in the documents Ira provided) and I therefore just wondered why we’d cede this to CHAI to do/control. It’s probably safe to assume that any Fund that bears WJC’s name will attract “investors” or donors or whatever we call them. Maybe I am over-thinking this, but just wanted to brainstorm aloud and I’m happy to drop this if it’s not worth discussing further.

Someone should go back to WJC and confirm that he approved the Island initiative “as is” including the $1 million Clinton Foundation budget (over and above any funding from UNDP), which budget includes a $100,000 salary for Ira (on top of his CHAI salary) and a staff of nine (despite the fact that one of the people who works for Ira says that most of this staff is unnecessary) and that he agreed to split the Swedish post code lottery funds which means that we will have to use Clinton Foundation funds to fund our AFL-CIO/pension fund retrofit work.

South Africa is moving forward on a solar park and in >light of that forward movement, WJC agreed with Ira to continue doing >that work. Ira said the solar and CCS work could be grouped together >for budget purposes.



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