WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton On Gun Control

As President, I’ll take on the gun lobby. I’ll fight to stop >>> domestic abusers and people with mental illness from getting guns… to >>> revoke the licenses of gun dealers who break the rules… to get >>> military-style weapons off our streets… and to end the special immunity >>> that protects gun-makers from accountability. >>> · If Congress doesn’t act to prevent gun violence, as President, >>> I will. That’s a promise.


Substance Abuse:

that every child/teenager should be screened for substance abuse disorders > when they visit the doctor for their annual child check up or for an accute > care visit in which it might be suspected. HRC has a long history of > working with AAP and supporting their efforts to do more screenings. When > she was First Lady, she worked on the Newborn Hearing Screening to make > sure all babies get hearing screenings, and in the last several years she > has pushed for and supported the AAP’s effort to screen young kids for > symptoms of “toxic stress.” This is not “mandatory,” but it is part of > prevention and wellness and it is about supporting the AAP in making this > happen by raising awareness, making sure pediatricians get reimbursed for > their time in doing these screenings, etc. I have tried to clarify with > edits to the speech, pasted below and attached.



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