America’s Falling, and Hillary Clinton Is Part of the Establishment that Started It All

When you dig deep into the WikiLeaks, you see that the democratic establishment is gutting America.  And you’re blindly saying, here take more.  Rape our country, we don’t need jobs, we don’t need manufacturers, we don’t need a military.  Rape us, and let us feel the pain.  I can’t believe that anyone would vote for Hillary Clinton.  She’s going to dig us deeper in the rut.  We have one chance to save America, with Donald Trump.  For you, who are not sure who to vote for, take a look at our past and say, what did they ever do for me?  Because I will tell you what they aren’t doing for you.  They aren’t building your military up.  There whole agenda has been to  gut it. I have seen the body bags coming in and a lot of it could have been prevented with good intelligent intervention.  We have men and women fighting for our freedom and they don’t even have updated armory.  And half the time when they are deployed, there aren’t enough troops sent out to make a difference. And our so called commander in chief tells the enemy, hey we’re sending our guys your way on this day.  I just wanted you to know so you can prepare for that day.  You know, move the children out of the way.  Bye now, I have to go play golf!  No hard feelings, by the way.  I’m just doing my job. Right!

If America doesn’t wake up we aren’t going to have a country.  And if you are offended by what Trump said or did, “what difference does it make!” That’s the same line Hillary Clinton used when Benghazi was attacked.  And people died.  I don’t believe Trump has caused anyone to die.  But the truth is if he isn’t elected a lot of Americans are going to die. Because you’re not going to have a job to pay for food, shelter and clothing, and forget about healthcare.  All of the jobs are going overseas.  Currently, jobs are moving to India.  Here we are over 21 trillion in debt and they’re sending jobs to India to pick up the economy.   They claim there’s so much production going on there by 2017 India will make 21 trillion dollars. Boy does that amount sound familiar, why can’t they do that in America in the country in which they were born?

And don’t forget about our open borders,  Hillary wants to let more into Hillaryland.  Believe me it will be nothing like Disneyland.  But even there, they have alligators.  Maybe they need borders too! But it doesn’t matter, because she wants open borders. You know the more the better!  She doesn’t care if they’re screened for our safety, that’s not part of the plan. Remember, she has a private and public side, meaning she will tell you whatever you want to hear so she’ll be elected. She’s the establishment’s puppet on a string.  I think they should make a Hillary doll.

The open borders create an environment of complete welfare and socialism, just what you wanted, right?  You better vote for Trump to keep those borders safe, and to keep the enemy away.  Or one day, you’re going to wake up with ISIS in your backyard.

If Hillary Clinton’s elected this will be the last presidential election in America.  She’s running an Imperial Campaign.  So doe that make her finally, Queen Hillary Clinton?  I think I’ll throw-up!

Please vote for Trump and Pence and protect our second amendment rights and religious freedom.  The last I read, they identified Christians in America the same as ISIS. Scary!



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