Let Me Get this Right! Clinton Says, No Torture 

She literally says, she denounces torture when we have ISIS cutting up and frying Christians and kneading children under four years of age in industrial mixers. The same people that cut off heads and put them on a stick. We don’t want to torture them!  Is she crazy? She should be the one dressed in a duck costume instead of hiring people to dress like Donald Duck to troll Trump at rallies. This is the same woman that said Donald Trump stalked her during the debate on the Ellen Show!  Who’s stalking whom. Her campaign people are right. She’s on another planet, out of tune with reality!  Please don’t vote for this woman! She’s not a leader for our country. 
*Hillary Clinton Denounces the Use of Torture by United States* *Background: * At an event honoring her deep commitment to human rights, Hillary Clinton spoke forcefully on Tuesday regarding the use of torture by the United States. Her remarks were given at a speech at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Gala. Her speech followed the release of a report on the CIA’s interrogation methods. 12/14 <http://www.politico.com/story/2014/12/hillary-clinton-pass-laws-forbidding-torture-113631.html&gt; – Clinton denounced the practice of torture by the United States and advocated for laws that ban torture. – Clinton emphasized that the practice of torture is not in line with the values for which our country stands.



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