WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Running an Imperial Campaign

I am not going to raise this publicly, but one of HRC’s opponents will soon charge that she is running an “imperial campaign.” If it is the right opponent, Democrat or Republican, the charge will resonate.

Probably 90% of the total media coverage of HRC has a negative slant, from her paid speeches to foundation donations to not answering questions from the press. Her caution on policy has created a news vacuum that is filled by these other stories. And while I don’t have the highest regard for most of the campaign press corps, they are getting dangerously unhappy about HRC refusing to answer questions.

If we look at a long curve of her numbers, there is reason for serious concern if trends continue and I see nothing today that will change them. What I hear from many many Democrats is that there is something off-key about her campaign and the hope that Republican candidates are so bad she can win by playing cautious. That is a very dangerous way to run for president. What I hear from “average voters” is basically a shrug, no enthusiasm, wait and see, with some real doubts….. There is a missing element in her campaign and it is troubling. The “imperial campaign” charge will resonate when the right candidate figures it out….


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