WikiLeaks: Security In Benghazi Requested 2 1/2 Weeks Before Attack

August 24, 2012 — “H: Intel on new Libya president. Sid.” In this document two and a half weeks before the attacks, Jake Sullivan writes to the Secretary, “Some warning signs,” in response to the deteriorating security situation in Benghazi, which forced the Red Cross to suspend activities, and reinforces questions about what was done in response to these warnings. ·

April 4, 2012—“Secretary Clinton’s Leadership on Libya.” This document characterizes Secretary Clinton’s ownership of U.S. policy in Libya. · April 8, 2011—“UK game playing; new rebel strategists; Egypt moves in. Sid” In this document, Secretary Clinton responded to a Blumenthal memo with, “Fyi. The idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered.” *There are several instances of State personnel notifying the Secretary about security concerns and issues:*


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