WikiLeaks: Clintons Put Money Ahead of Principles Taking Money from IRAN that Supports NIAC

The Clintons never miss an opportunity to put money ahead of principle,” > a spokesman for the Republican Jewish Coalition told me. “They should know > better than raising money from folks whose primary concern has been > supporting the NIAC — a notorious supporter of the Radical Islamic Mullahs > in Iran. Instead as is always the case, the Clintons have thrown principle > out the window in exchange for cold hard cash.”

The NIAC, you may recall, was forced to pay damages for a spurious > lawsuit against blogger Hassan Daioleslam, who revealed the NIAC’s > activities on behalf of the Islamist fundamentalist government that is > dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

2012 “that the work of NIAC president and founder Tritra Parsi was ‘not > inconsistent with the idea that he was first and foremost an advocate > for the regime.’ The judge essentially found it was conceivable that NIAC > could reasonably be accused of lobbying on behalf of Iran, so Daioleslam’s > blog posts weren’t defamatory.”)

This is not the first Clinton encounter with the NIAC. Bill Clinton, while > Hillary was secretary of state, according to a Fox News report > <;, > tried through an aide to get approval for a speaking engagement with the > NIAC: “An aide to Bill Clinton asked the State Department in 2012 about the > former president potentially delivering a paid speech to an Iranian > government-tied group that has pushed for an end to all U.S. sanctions > against Tehran, according to an email exclusively obtained by Fox News.” > Ultimately Bill Clinton did not do the speech, nor other “paid speaking > gigs in North Korea and the Republic of the Congo – an event that would > have included notorious Democratic Republic of the Congo leader Joseph > Kabila.” (Some may also recall the group tried to block


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