WikiLeaks: Podesta Thinks Hillary’s a Girlie Gossiper

John, assume I wrote a thousand words about this. It is disquieting that > when HRC was secretary of state she spent a good time of time doing gossip > emails with Sid Blumenthal about various matters, the ubiquitous Lanny > Davis shilling for himself in pathetic ways, and Neera Tanden gossiping > about what Soros thinks of Obama. At least Tanden I regard as a serious > person. Sid and Lanny I do not by standards of a secretary of state or > potential president. > > I was not in touch with you at the time of the healthcare debate, but what > Sid suggests does not strike me as your style. I was in very regular and > close touch with Daschle at the time, and he would never have said to the > press what Sid suggests, and since I am in the press I know those were not > his views. I guarantee that based on direct personal knowledge of Tom’s > views and actions at the time. Blumenthal did not have the slightest idea > of what he was talking about in his girlie gossip with the secretary of > state about this. Why she places such great stock over so much time in > these exchanges with Blumenthal is mystifying to me—and frankly > troublesome. > > This whole subject, to use vernacular, gives me the creeps. Secretaries > of state, presidential candidates and presidents should not be spending > their time on this kind of minor league stuff. >


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