Dishonest Wicked Clinton Money Trail


The FBI’s Comey reopens the suspicious case of wicked Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

He’s requesting more intricate details.

Hillary’s looking to book a boat on the quickest Soros’ ship that sails.

We already know if she becomes president, she’ll sale the White House in a crooked trail that leads back to those sleazy missing emails.

The queen imperial dragon has lost her scales.

Comey hits her with hammering convicting nails.

The Republicans are praying the FBI investigation stays on track and doesn’t derail.

Listen, follow the dishonest wicked Clinton money trail!

This is no tale.

The wicked witch could go to jail. 

As president her truth and honesty would wickedly fail!

The rat took the bait and got her tail caught in an illusive money trap, what the crap, she should’ve known her crooked plan would fail.

Quick, tell your relatives and friends, ‘don’t vote for wicked Hillary Clinton’, and do it with a shout and bold yell!

I’ve given you all the wicked mysterious details.

She duplicated and deleted secret service emails.

This will go down in history of a woman that lost the presidency, because of her wicked emails.

She should’ve known better than to delete emails.

She’s shown we can’t trust her with presidential emails.

Oh, my God, my head swells.

To think she could be in charge of such important emails.

Would she hit the delete button again and again, and delete those important emails?

She could make our country limb and frail.

Quick, tell your friends, ‘don’t vote for wicked Hillary Clinton’, and do it with a loud shout and bold yell.

She pocketed large amount of money for her secret favors and she tried to tear up the papers.

She said she was nasty, beware she may try to pass a spell.


She lied and said, she would make America strong, while all the while, she was doing America wrong. She broke the economical back of the strong. She paid and played with the wicked wrong.












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