WikiLeaks: The Clinton’s Have a Money Problem

I have been vigorously criticizing the Shweizer book, but I absolutely believe the Clintons have a money problem, and they are not fully aware of the danger of this. The problem is not that she is “caught” doing anything unethical or illegal, but that a) Republican Congressional hearings will widen and a long term perjury trap and endless cycles of news stories, and b) at some point the public may not want to spend the next 18 months and then 4 years talking about Clinton issues and may simply want to move on. The net net of everything HRC has done since leaving the State Department is that her trust numbers have fallen dramatically. Frankly it is inexcusable that all foreign donations were stopped months ago and that some continue today. Except for her Citizens United position that I publicly and loudly applauded, she has said virtually nothing of consequence and inspiration for two years which has created a gigantic news void that has been filled by stories about her tactics, her money, her consultants and her maneuvers and on current course I see nothing that will change that. She needs to be bold, pro-active and reformist and make hard decisions on matters such as ending ALL foreign donations to the foundation NOW, forcefully and clearly offering reformist ideas, and not play a four corner offense stalling and avoiding bold positions thinking her position is safe—-which I believe it is not.


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